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iam_the's Journal

I am the __________ of LiveJournal!
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Welcome to iam_the, a claiming community for livejournal. However, this is no normal claiming community! Unlike is_my_bf and claim_a_fantasy, this specific claiming community is for characters to be you.

Simply post, "iam_the Character Name (Fandom) of Livejournal, in your entry, and the mod(s) will check the claim list and add you if the character you want to claim is not claimed yet. Simple enough, yes? Good!
Suffice to say, rules are present. They're fairly simple, so there's no real excuse for not following them.

oo1; CHECK THE CLAIMS LIST (#-F, G-M, N-R, and S-Z) before making your claim.
This is to avoid confusion. Sometimes, the mods mess up and assume the character isn't taken or don't check for the character under their last/first name, and then update the list with the claim. So, please, do check both sur AND given names before claiming a character. Characters with unreleased names cannot be claimed.
oo2; Which brings us to our next rule, (First Name) (Last Name). Period. Official name only. End of story.
oo3; No real-life actors/actresses/preformers/etc may be claimed. Please keep it to fictional characters. Gender-bent characters are also allowed. Real-life actors/actresses/preformers/etc can be claimed at iam_lj.
oo3; First come, first serve.
Obviously. Avoid arguing, please. Also, you may drop claims. Once a character is dropped, you may pick them up. To drop a claim, make a post in the community stating you are dropping the claim on that character. You may pick up a new claim in the same post. If you are doing so, in your post please use the tag: dropping.
oo4; You can request a banner, but remember that we have lives too.
I'm not waiting for you to request a banner 24/7, so please don't pester me or other mods about it. Thank you!

oo5; Link back to the community in someway, or post "I am the character name and fandom here of livejournal!" somewhere on your journal.
This will keep your claim valid. It also shows us that you've still interest in that specific claim, so yes. Please do this~
oo6; Your journal MUST be active.
Your claim becomes invalid if you're not using your lj. It's not fair to others if your journal becomes inactive and you still have the claim. If a mod sees that your journal is deleted, or checks and sees that your claim has not been linked back here or shown, it will be deleted right away.
oo7; Add "I am...!" to your subject line.
Prove to us you read the rules, yes? If it's not in your subject line, your claim won't be processed. Sorry!
This idea is from the GreatestJournal I Am. All credit goes to the lovely creators and mods. ^^
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide